Films by Rowicki

  • Film shooting was a great passion of Witold Rowicki. He documented everything that surrounded him. People, nature, architecture. He was fascinated by trifles and touched by ordinary things. He took his cameras for walks, family travels and business trips. He used several hundred metres of tape and left unusual memento of himself. The films you may see here have never been shown before.
  • Only Rowicki

    This is me! As befits a brave artist, Witold Rowicki was not afraid to point his camera... at himself. Here you see him in the double role: as the operator and director and as the main character.
  • From the history of the Philharmonic…

    The Maestro sometimes took the camera to his work. He recorded everyday life at the Warsaw Philharmonic, from work of the management to orchestra rehearsals. Sometimes he even managed to see a real concert! And seemingly little attractive moments may be a wonderful document of the past period today.
  • Philharmonic from the inside

    Filming everything around, Witold Rowicki often recorded on the tape situations that no other camera was able to capture. Funny, unusual, and sometime deadly serious.
    It happened that Witold filmed... another Witold.
  • Birds and other animals

    Flamingos, hippopotamuses, swans, ducks. They were often the characters of short films by Witold Rowicki. They pose with passion and engagement, are patient when one double after another is made. Such documents could be shown without shame by any nature channel!
  • Travels 1

    When Witold Rowicki travelled abroad, he always had a place for camera in his luggage. Together with Rowicki we have a look at the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra staying in Russia, Japan or Hungary. What a views!
  • Travels 2

    Travels abroad are not only concerts. It is also going from one town to another, from one concert hall to another. Even travelling by bus may be a film topic. Starring the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra artists. See for yourself!
  • Travels 3

    Travels abroad continued. Everyday prosaic situations next to exciting moments. Witold Rowicki as always vigilant observer. Great feeling of the scene and moment.
  • Warchały 1

    Summer house in the Masurian Lakes District. Place of active rest and meetings with friends. Unusual film showing also moments with the family: in private, without posing.
  • Warchały 2

    Family atmosphere. With his granddaughter, dogs and favourite car – Sleepyhead. Together with them the Maestro toured around Europe. Full relax: lake, forest and fishing.
  • Krzysztof Penderecki in Warchały

    A special guest visits his friend.
  • Small girl

    Fixed route of the Maestro, from his home at the Chocimska Street to the Łazienki Park. This time accompanied by his granddaughter Agnieszka.
  • Sunday out of town

    Great picnic. A blanket and a picnic basket. With friends and family. Plans include obligatory sunbathing.