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45th anniversary of artistic activity First Level Music School in Żywiec

On 27 April 2018 the Witold Rowicki State First Level Music School in Żywiec celebrated the 45 th anniversary of its artistic activity.

The celebrations were held under honorary patronage of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Head of the Local District of Żywiec Andrzej Kalata and Mayor of the Town of Żywiec Antoni Szlagor. Members of the patron’s family: daughter of Witold Rowicki with her husband and granddaughter were the honorary guests at the event.

During the celebrations the Medal for Merit to Culture – Gloria Artis was handed to the School Principal Jolanta Tomas. Teachers from the school received also Awards of Director of the Artistic Education Centre in Warsaw, Diplomas of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Decorations of Meritorious for the Polish Culture, Awards of the Head of the local District of Żywiec, and Awards of the Mayor of the Town of Żywiec. At the end, the pupils, graduates and teachers from the Music School gave a concert. The event was the first anniversary celebrations since the State Music School in Żywiec was named after Witold Rowicki.

During 45 years the school was completed by many wonderful and talented artists, who promote the facility with their artistic output and achievements in Poland and abroad. Numerous achievements and successes of the School graduates give a reason to pride as well as a lot of satisfaction to the teachers.

The Witold Rowicki State First Level Music School in Żywiec is attended at the moment by 244 pupils. About 400 school graduates and former pupils continued their education in artistic direction. After graduation from studies many of them come back to Żywiec. They work as teachers and tutors for new generations of musicians. By linking the past with the presence they are building the tradition of music education.

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