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The first level state music school in Żywiec was named after Witold Rowicki

27 October 2014

On 24 September the First Level State Music School in Żywiec was named after Witold Rowicki. The choice of the school and its Patron is not accidental. The Conductor spent his school years in Żywiec: he graduated there from the H. Kołłątaj Primary School and the M. Kopernik Pre-Secondary School. Decision about naming exactly that school after the Artist was taken by a wide group: the Ministry of Culture, the authorities of the town of Żywiec and the local district of Żywiec, the conductor’s family as well as the entire school.

The ceremony was attended by distinguished guests, including: the family of Witold Rowicki; Maksymilian Celeda – representing the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage; Andrzej Zieliński – Head of the Local District of Żywiec, Antoni Szlagor – Mayor of the Town of Żywiec; Alina Kantorska-Biegun – Deputy Director of the National Symphonic Orchestra of the Polish Radio in Katowice and Małgorzata Pawlik – President of the Union of Polish Teachers in Żywiec. Also Parents, Pupils and Teachers connected with the School as well as local media representatives were present. Patronage over the event was taken by: Professor Małgorzata Omilanowska (Minister of Culture and National Heritage), Head of the Local District of Żywiec and Mayor of the Town of Żywiec.

Program of the ceremony was very rich and diverse. First, guests could see a film about the Artist titled “Cień pod kamieniem” (Shadow under the Stone), directed by Tomasz Dobrowolski. A special decree of the Ministry of Culture was read out, confirming the School’s name after Witold Rowicki. Guests held short speeches. They expressed great happiness and pride with acquiring such an excellent Patron for the School. They also confirmed the unique character of the place and unusual involvement of the School Principal Jolanta Tomas in organising the entire ceremony.

The ceremony culminated with unveiling and blessing a commemorative plaque.

At the end, guests could listen to a special concert prepared by the artists of the Warsaw Philharmonic. Leszek Wachnik (first bassoonists and soloist of the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra) and Grzegorz Gorczyca (pianist of the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra) performed one of the compositions by Witold Rowicki. The three-part concert for bassoon was received with a storm of applause. After the official part ended, all guests were invited to see an exhibition about the Patron prepared by the National Library of Poland.

We wish the School Teachers and Pupils to see Witold Rowicki as an example to follow, not only a man of high respect.

Here you may see event film coverage and photo gallery. The film is by Jerzy Duda and the photographs were taken by Krzysztof Fiołek.


photos (23)