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Thanks and gratitude from Bamberg

09 March 2014

E-mail send by Christian Schmölder to Witold Rowicki granddaughter Agnieszka Pyrich.

Dear Agnieszka,

I do feel absolutely ashamed that I did not write before.

First of all, yes, my trip back was absolutely fine, i.e. I returned safely and on time but also, in first hand, with wonderful memories of any aspect of my stay in Warsaw, meeting you, Jarek and Julius, your parents, joining the film and concert performances, the reception and the medal which I was given for the orchestra. I was really moved and do thank you all for your kindness and hospitality. Through the photographs you sent the memories stay fresh, and I do also say thank you for that with all my heart. All this was and really is overwhelmingly nice of all of you. – All I can sincerely hope is that you will make it to Bamberg in not too far a future and that our contact will stay.

Second of all, yes, the flowers arrived and came to the greatest surprise – and joy, and what a nice arrangement of flowers! Rolf Beck went on stage with them and read the card to the orchestra which of course beforehand was informed about everything through a pdf. of the program booklet. What a wonderful idea and what a nice gesture towards the orchestra this has been! And I therefore take the opportunity to say thank you and your parents on behalf of Intendant Marcus Rudolf Axt and of the entire orchestra and as well as of Rolf Beck – all this comes late, but hopefully not too late. And: the concerts went very well indeed and brought back memories of “Rowi” to all who remember him.

With all very best wishes and with my warmest personal regards to all of you,in friendship yours,

Christian Schmölder – Betriebsdirektor  

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