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Happy birthday

09 March 2014

E-mail send by Bamberger Symphoniker concertmaster Walter Forchert to Witold Rowicki granddaughter Agnieszka Pyrich.

Dear Agieszka,

The black-bearded leader from Bamberg (Walter Forchert in the photo with Rowi on the plane) is getting in touch with you. I´m writing to you since you invited me (a long time ago) to participate in the commemoration of your grandfather in Warsaw which much to my regret won´t be possible.

With these lines I would like to express how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to meet your grandfather Witold Rowicki. Thanks to him I personally experienced so many wonderful musical and exhilarating moments.

I loved his sense of humour. And I never played the tricky solo in “Till Eulenspiegel” more relaxed than when he was conducting. Then we were completely in line with each other and enjoyed the solo together.

I thought it absolutely brilliant how your grandfather dominated the orchestra. It is ingenious if someone has the ability to spontaneously introduce new ideas evening after evening playing “on the orchestra” like on a piano´s keyboard.

Remembering Witold Rowicki as an admirer I´m sending you my best regards,

Yours faithfully,
Walter Forchert